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Background Info: Kentucky Statehood began in 1792, so records previous to that were actually located in Virginia. Jefferson County was organized in 1780 and one of the first three counties formed out of the original Kentucky County, which was still part of Virginia at the time, the other two being Fayette and Lincoln. The county is named for Thomas Jefferson, who was governor of Virginia at the time. The last major American Indian raid in present day Jefferson County was the Chenoweth Massacre on July 17, 1789. Louisville which is the county seat was named for King Louis XVI of France in appreciation for his assistance during the Revolutionary War, Louisville was founded by George Rogers Clark in 1778.Early settlements of Kentucky include Harrodsburg in 1774 and Boonesboro, founded 1775 by Daniel Boone. Between 1776 and 1780, Kentucky was known as Kentucky County, Virginia. Jefferson County was established in 1780 from Kentucky County, VA. In 1784-5, Nelson County was established from Jefferson. In 1792, Shelby was established from Jefferson. In 1796-7, Bullitt County was established from Jefferson and Nelson.

1790 and 1800 Federal Kentucky census records are missing, however, there are reconstructed lists created from tax lists and published in book form. These provide somewhat of a census substitute. Soundex code indexes for Federal Kentucky census records are available on microfilm for census years: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and part of 1930 which contains only Bell, Floyd, Harlan, Kenton, Muhlenberg, Perry and Pike Counties.

1810 - Jefferson Co, KY 1810 Federal Census - no kreutzers

1836 - St. Paul's German Evangelical Church was the first German Evangelical Church to be established in Louisville, Kentucky. It was founded in 1836 by Reverend George Brandau.

1850 Jefferson, KY 1850 Federal Census (k) (INDEX - File 9 of 16)
1850 Jefferson DIVISION: Distr #1, Louisville City REEL NO: M432-206 PAGE NO: 7A
Kreutzer, Barbara, age 38, Birthplace: Germany (see page 6B, Ln#40, pg0001a.txt) - (born abt. 1812)
Kreutzer, Andrew, age 11, Birthplace: Germany (see page 6B, Ln#41, pg0001a.txt) - (born abt. 1839)
Kreutzer, Maria, age 9, Birthplace: Steam Boat (see page 6B,Ln#42, pg0001a.txt) - (born abt. 1841)
Kreutzer, Augustina, age 7, Birthplace: Kentucky (see page 7A, Ln#1, pg0001a.txt) - (born abt. 1843)
Kreutzer, Caroline, age 3, Birthplace: Kentucky (see page 7A, Ln#2, pg0001a.txt) - (born abt. 1847)
Kreutzer, Maria, age 3-1/2, Birthplace: Kentucky (see page 7A, Ln#3, pg0001a.txt) - (born abt. 1845-1846)

1850 Daviess, KY: District No. 2 REEL NO: M432-198 PAGE NO: 456a
Kreutzer Geo., male, age 59, Occupation: carpenter, Birthplace: PA. - (born abt. 1791)
Kreutzer Lavina, female, age 30, Birthplace: Tenn. - (born abt. 1820)
Kreutzer John, male, age 20, Occupation: laborer, Birthplace: KY -(born abt. 1830)
Kreutzer Benj., male, age 12, Birthplace: KY - (born abt. 1838)
Kreutzer Green, male, age 11, Birthplace: KY - (born abt. 1837)
Kreutzer Dillis D., male, age 9, Birthplace: KY - (born abt. 1841)
Kreutzer Sarah, female, age 6, Birthplace: KY - (born abt. 1844)
Kreutzer Amanda, female, age 4, Birthplace KY - (born abt. 1846)

1859-Jefferson Co, KY - Marriage: Stendle George Krentzer Rebecca 23 Apr 1859

Carroll County, KY - Carroll County, Kentucky Marriage Index Volumes 1 - 4 by Virginia Tolman
1856 - Kreutzer, Lisette to Meier, John (Page/Vol. 01-572)
1860 - Kruetzer Christina to Fremd, John (Page/Vol. 02-192) ?? spelling on this one?
1862 - Krutzer, Elizabeth to Drees, Frederick (Page/Vol. 02-255) ?? spelling on this one?
1863 - Kreutzer, Harmon to Engleman, Ellen E. (Page/Vol. 02-287)

1870 Federal Census Records Transcription - no kreutzers
1887 - Kreutzer, Emma to Dreesman, Jos. H. (Page/Vol. 04-474)

1888 - Cemetery Info from Kentucky Historical Society Records The following Kreutzers are all from Whitley County and each cemetery listed as "name unknown" KREUTZER Jennie (09/29/1894-07/30/1911) KREUTZER John (01/19/1860-10/23/1916) KREUTZER Lucinda (03/14/1863-03/06/1927) KREUTZER Rosa M (05/06/1887-06/26/1888)

1888 - Jefferson Co KY
Lena May KREUTZER , Father: James Kreutzer
Gender: Female Birth: 25 FEB 1888 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky

1894 - October 15th - Carrollton Democrat News
Married Miss Nannie Kreutzer to James Horan
1898 - Kreutzer, Nellie to Grobmyer, G.R. (Page/Vol. 5-540)

Campbell County KY
Translations by Alfred J Spiry Sr.
1896 - KREUTZER, Edward (23y b about 1873 in Cincinnati) to Minnie Ulrich (25y b about 1871 in Newport) Marriage Date-23 Sep 1896
witness: Louis and Marrie Ulrich
1893 - KREUTZER, Albert (b-21 Feb 1871 in Cincinnati) to Elisabeth Wilhelm (b-27 Sep 1873 in Newport) Marriage Date-9 Aug 1893
witness: E Kreutzer and Luzader Miller

1907 - McCracken County, KENTUCKY Delayed Births 1892-1910
KREUTZER, Dorothy B 23 Jan 1907 Mother: MOONEY, Alice (certificate 240 49679)

1910 Federal Census of ED 15 - no Kreutzers - Kentucky, Barren County (created 1799 from Green & Warren)
1910 Federal Census of ED 15 - no Kreutzers - Kentucky, Boyd, Co.
1910 Federal Census of the Boyd County Poorhouse - no Kreutzers
1900 Federal Census Records Transcription of Pollard County- no Kreutzers
1911-1993 Death Records Index - no Kreutzers
1910 - McCracken County, KENTUCKY Delayed Births 1892-1910
KREUTZER, William K 4 Jul 1910 Mother: MOONEY, Alice (certificate 258 50373)

1912 - Jefferson Co, KY
KREUTZER, Elmer W, Born: Nov 06 1912 in , Jefferson Co, KY
Mother: Krentzer, Jessie - Record/Certificate #: 12-143-57043 ??Spelling on this one?

1932 - Jefferson Co, KY WEDDING: Eugenia Money to Thomas Monroe Pope. Guests from a distance included Ed. Kreutzer of Louisville.
1949 - Mccracken County Ky Archives Obituaries, Funeral service: Lovet J. Bryan (born about 1874) - died at the age of 75 on September 21 1949
His full obituary includes the following text:
four daughters, Mrs. June Williams and Mrs. Dorothy Kreutzer, both from Paducah. Mrs. Elsie Morris of San Diego, Calif., and Mrs. Lema Lickner, of Detroit Mich.; a brother, J.L. Bryan of Dallas, Texas, a sister, Mrs Alice Lankford of Pontiac, Mich.; and six grandchildren, Billy Morris and Patsy Jones, both of San Diego, Calif., Jo Ann Bryan, of Louisville, Robert Bryan Kreutzer, of Paducah, and Glen Ed Tate and Wanda Eugenides, both of Detroit, Mich.

1849 - Miami County, Ohio Marriage Index 1807-1865 from court house records Letter K
Krutzer, David to Ullery, Elizabeth

Background Info: 1868 - Vanderburgh County IN. Archives History - Businesses, Evansville 1868
The county seat of Vandevburg county, and the most important city on the Ohio river between Louisville and Cairo. It is situated at the terminus of the Evansville & Crawfordsville railroad, nine miles from the mouth of Green river, up which steamboats run about two hundred miles into Kentucky; sixty miles above the mouth of the Wabash, by which a large tract of country, embracing Western Indiana, and considerable of Eastern Illinois, finds an outlet for its production; and less than one hundred and fifty miles from the mouths of the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers, which penetrate far toward the Gulf, all of which bring to this city, a large share of their commerce and trade. From this advantageous location, and its position on the Ohio river, below all serious obstructions, and in the direct line of traffic with the lower Mississippi, it is the largest and most important commercial city in the State, and enjoys a more extensive and remunerative trade than many of its larger sisters. It is backed by a fine agricultural region, is situated in the midst of the Ohio Valley coal fields, and possesses many advantages for manufacturing. With all the elements of prosperity immediately within her grasp. Evansville cannot fail to become a populous and a leading metropolis.

Evansville was first laid out in 1813, and became the county seat of Vanderburgh county in 1818. It barely maintained a corporate existence for many years, and not until 1845, as the country was recovering from the revulsion of 1837, did it take any decided steps toward improvement. Since then, its prosperity has been steady and substantial. It now numbers a population of nearly 25,000. Its public buildings and private residences will compare favorably with cities of larger population, while its citizens are eminently energetic and enterprising. Its steamboat arrivals have exceeded two thousand annually for the past five years, and its railroad facilities, though at present limited to a single line, are in a fair way of rapid extension. -Source: , Book Title: H. C. Chandler & Co.'s Business Directory For Indiana

1860 (Peru County, IN) "Miami", The Town Of Peru " Page 30 State: Indiana
Kreutzer, Jacob (b: 1828*)
Kreutzer, Margaret (b: 1833*)
Kreutzer, Mary Ann E (b: 1855*)
Kreutzer, John J (b: 1858*)
Dolan, William (b: 1839*)

1868 Vanderburgh County, IN Archives History - Businesses .....Evansville 1868 Boots and Shoes.
Kreutzer M, Vine Street, located between Second and Third

1870 Newton, IN 1870 Federal Census Newton DIVISION: Jefferson Township Microfilm # M593, REEL NO: 347 pgs: 34 & 45
Kreutzer, Charls, male, age 32, Occupation: farmer Birthpalce: Indiana (abt: 1838)
Kreutzer, Maary, female, age 29, Ocupation: keeping house, Birthplace: Indiana (abt: 1841)
Kreutzer, Laura, female, age 8, Birthplace: Indiana (abt: 1862)
Kreutzer, Hornet, male, age 5, Birthplace: Indiana (abt: 1865)
Kreutzer, Oscar, male, age 3, Birthplace: Indiana (abt: 1867)
Kreutzer, Joseph, male, age 2, Birthplace: Indiana (abt: 1866)
Gorr Abram, male, age 22, Occupation: farm laborer, Birthplace: Kentucky (abt: 1848)

1872 Marriage - Clinton County, Indiana - William Freas to Amanda E. Burns
William FREAS, Sr (b: Oct. 7, 1850, in Allentown, Pa.), son of John and Rachel (BROWN) FREAS married, Amanda E. BURNS (b Oct. 18, 1851,in Allentown, Pa) on August 25, 1872, daughter of John and Caroline (KREUTZER) BURNS. Her parents came to this county and settled three and one half miles north of Frankfort. Her father followed farming until within a few years of his death, when he moved to Frankfort. Source: Pages 760 - 762 History of Clinton County, Indiana

1880 US Census, Indiana
17. Mathew KREUTZER - Self Gender: Male Birth: <1830> BAVARIA
18. Francisca KREUTZER - Wife Gender: Female Birth: <1840> PRUSSIA
19. John KREUTZER - Son Gender: Male Birth: <1862> IN
20. Anna KREUTZER - Dau Gender: Female Birth: <1865> IN
21. Margareth KREUTZER - Dau Gender: Female Birth: <1871> IN

1882-83 "Indiana State Gazetteer Business Directory
Amboy, was settled in 1866. It now contains 300 inhabitants, one flour mill, 1 saw mill, 1 hotel, a tile factory and 1 Friend's church. The village is located on the P. C. & St. L. Ry., in Jackson township, Miami county, 15 miles south east of Peru, the county seat and banking town. Grain, lumber, staves and live stock are the chief exports. Ex., U. S. and Adams. Hiram PEARSON, postmaster.

KRATZER John C, jeweler
KREUTZER Jacob, queensware

Miami County Indiana Landowners E Through K

1906 Madison County IN Archives Obituaries.....Kreutzer, Philip G.
Anderson Morning Herald, July 15, 1906
San Journey Concluded Yesterday Phillip G. Kreutzer Will be Laid to Rest Monday AT THE GOEHLER HOME The funeral party of the late Philip G. Kreutzer arrived in this city yesterday afternoon at 3:45 o'clock over the Big Four. The remains were taken to the home of Daniel Goehler, on East Eleventh street. The funeral will take place Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. Reese, D. D., pastor of St. John's Lutheran church, will officiate. The burial will be in Maplewood cemetery. The friends of the deceased may call to pay their respects today and Monday until 9 a.m. Philip Kreutzer was the son-in-law of Daniel Goehler, and was a resident of this city up till last November, when he with his family moved. File at:

1906 Madison County IN Archives Obituaries.....Kreutzer, Philip G.
Anderson Morning Herald, July 17, 1906
The remains of Philip Kreutzer were laid to rest yesterday in Maplewood cemetery after very impressive funeral ceremonies. Hundreds of his friends and relatives viewed the remains Sunday and up till 9 o'clock Monday, and the floral offerings that surrounded the casket were some of the most beautiful ever seen in this city. The Rev. Reese, pastor of St. John's Lutheran church, spoke in a very touching manner of Mr. Kreutzer, and his remarks were the most impressive. The funeral was a very large one. He was a member of the Elks lodge, but that body did not have charge of the funeral, although many of them attended and paid their last tributes to their brother. File at:

1910 Saint Joseph County, Indiana. Census
KREUTZ BERTHA W. (Township/Page PENN 62, 6A)
KREUTZ CLARA (Township/Page PENN 97, 7A)
KREUTZ CLARA A. (Township/Page PENN 62, 6A)
KREUTZ FRED (Township/Page PENN 97, 7A)
KREUTZ LENA (Township/Page PENN 62, 6A)
KREUTZ LUDWIC E. (Township/Page PENN 62, 6A)
KREUTZ MARIE M. (Township/Page PENN 62, 6A)
KREUTZ OTTO E. (Township/Page PENN 62, 6A)
KREUTZ WILLIAM E. (Township/Page PENN 62, 6A)
KREUTZER ANNA (Township/Page PORTAGE, ED189, P140 8B)
KREUTZER JOHANA (Township/Page PORTAGE, ED189, P140 8B)

17. Mathew KREUTZER - 1880 United States Census / Indiana
Self Gender: Male Birth: <1830> BAVARIA
18. Francisca KREUTZER - 1880 United States Census / Indiana
Wife Gender: Female Birth: <1840> PRUSSIA
19. John KREUTZER - 1880 United States Census / Indiana
Son Gender: Male Birth: <1862> IN
20. Anna KREUTZER - 1880 United States Census / Indiana
Dau Gender: Female Birth: <1865> IN
21. Margareth KREUTZER - 1880 United States Census / Indiana
Dau Gender: Female Birth: <1871> IN
22. Joseph KREUTZER - 1880 United States

1973 - Lena KREUTZER - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 13 Nov 1892 State Where Number was Issued: Indiana Death: Aug 1973 (age 81)


1963 - KREUTZER, Bertha, Birth Date: 22 Feb 1876, Death Date: Aug 1963 (age 87)
Social Security Number: 508-38-1899
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Nebraska | Actual Death Residence: Nebraska

1969 - KREUTZER, Bertha, Birth Date: 5 Feb 1884, Death Date: Mar 1969 (age 85)
Social Security Number: 507-66-1484
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Nebraska | Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 68840: Localities: Gibbon, Buffalo, Nebraska, Lowell, Buffalo, Nebraska, Newark, Buffalo, Nebraska, Valley, Buffalo, Nebraska

1994 - KREUTZER, Bertha, Birth Date: 27 Nov 1908, Death Date: 29 Mar 1994 (age 86)
Social Security Number: 506-88-8720
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Nebraska | Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 68870, Localities: Divide, Buffalo, Nebraska, Gardner, Buffalo, Nebraska, Prairie Center, Buffalo, Nebraska, Riverdale, Buffalo, Nebraska
Thornton, Buffalo, Nebraska


2006 - KREUTZER, Bertha, Birth Date: 15 Feb 1907, Death Date: 8 Dec 2006 (age 99)
Social Security Number: 495-30-9461
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Missouri |Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 63123, Localities: Affton, Saint Louis, Missouri, Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Missouri